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The Federation has designed and built it’s very own Air Rifle Range, which can be towed to any event and set up in minutes. The range was made possible by grants from the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Friends of the NRA, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and fundraising efforts by the Federation. The range is used to introduce Air Rifle Shooting and Gun Safety to youth and adults that are interested in learning about rifle shooting. The range is available for events that promote hunter safety, shooting sports and conservation:  Thousands of new shooters participate each year at the MARR at events like the U.S. Fish Wild Life’s “Spring into Nature “at the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, the Niagara County Fair and the NYPA’s Wildlife Festival.

Contact: Dan Bowerman at (716) 998-3600 or

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Every summer the Niagara County Federation of Conservation Clubs runs a sporting clays league, which was specifically created to introduce new shooters to shotgun sports. The league is a partnership between the Federation and the Friends of the NRA. Participating shooters, new to the game of sporting clays, receive FREE Ammo, made possible by an FNRA grant.  Youth and Ladies are encouraged to participate and shooters are given instruction in gun safety, shooting fundamentals and Sporting Clays Rules.

Contact: John Butcher at (716) 628-2211 or



The NCFCC assists the DEC with raising and releasing over 3000 ring neck pheasants throughout the county. 

The NCFCC also donates funds to the Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H pheasant raising program. 

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dec yOUTH CAMP: camp rushford

Each year the Federation sponsors 6 kids to attend DEC Camp Rushford. Rushford is part of the 4,500 acre Hanging Bog Wildlife Management Area, two miles southwest of Rushford Lake in western New York..

Camp Rushford is the only DEC Camp specifically designed and built as a conservation education camp.

Camp Schedule and Activities

Weeks 1 - 3 and Weeks 6 - 7 are for campers ages 11 to 13

Weeks 4 & 5 are for campers ages 14 to 17

Contact: Mike Johannes at (716) 523-1727 or