big game highlights


  1. Advocated for the Junior Big Game Bill, which allows junior hunters, age 14 and 15, to hunt big game under the supervision of an adult. 
  2. Advocated for the Southern Tier Rifle Bill, which allows hunters to use a rifle for deer and bear hunting in the southern tier. 
  3. Worked with the DEC to help establish buck:doe permit ratios for deer management units (DMU) in Niagara County.
  4. Reports on the deer harvest by sex/method/DMU.
  5. Reports on the bear harvest in Region 9.
  6. Works to educate the public about crossbows, how to safely use them and their effective range.
  7. Support the introduction of the crossbow as a legal method of take for big game.
  8. Reports on chronic wasting disease.
  9. Supported legislation to lengthen big game seasons. 


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